3 Signs It’s Time To Get A Window Replacement For Your House


You’ll likely undergo many renovation projects through the lifespan of your home. As your home ages, you’ll face different repairs, upgrades, and replacements. One project that’s especially important to address is replacing old windows. So how do you know when it’s finally time to invest in a window replacement for your house? Here are the three most common signs.


A common sign of an aging window is the presence of “sweat,” particularly on colder days. Due to failing seals, moisture can easily slip through the cracks between the panes, giving your windows a foggy appearance. There is no effective way to get rid of condensation inside of your windows, so a window replacement for the house is one of the few options you have.

Audible Outdoor Noise

Do you hear every car horn, barking dog, and other common neighborhood noises that occur outside your home? That’s a clear sign that it may be time for a window replacement for your house. Outdoor noise creeping into your home happens when the seals on your windows weaken over time. Newer windows are designed with excellent insulation that will help keep your home peaceful and quiet.

Cold Drafts

When an insulation seal breaks down after years of usage, you may notice a draft when you pass by a window. Those drafts can cause a temperature imbalance inside your home, resulting in higher energy bills when you adjust your HVAC system. Save both money and energy by investing in a set of energy efficient replacement windows for your house.

The Best Window Replacement Company

When it’s finally time to say goodbye to your old windows, our crew of experts is here to make sure the job is done right the first time. You’re guaranteed to receive excellent and reliable service whenever you work with Homezone Windows. Contact us today for a free quote!