Window Care Tips From Michigan Window Experts

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After replacing the windows on your Michigan home, performing adequate care can help extend their lifetime. Michigan homes in particular are vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. Routine window maintenance will protect your home from long-term damage while keeping you comfortable. Here are some care and maintenance tips from our window experts to prolong your home windows’ performance and appearance.

  1. Perform annual inspections

Performing an annual home inspection is essential for all types of proper home maintenance, including windows. A check will reveal any flaws or issues that need to be taken care of to prevent further damage. Make sure your window is still operating properly, and look out for salient breaks or cracked glass panes. Routine window inspections can save you from larger problems down the road. If you notice an issue, call the window experts at Homezone right away for a repair.

  1. Check caulking 

Window caulk is a flexible construction material used to seal against air or water penetration. It is essential to keep out moisture to prevent mold and water damage to your Michigan home. If any piece of the window caulking is cracked or peeling away, contact the window experts at Homezone to get it repaired.

  1. Clean and grease window tracks

Outdoor elements can clog window tracks, preventing you from opening or closing your windows with ease. Window experts recommend that homeowners regularly clean the window tracks with a dry brush to get rid of dirt and grime. It is also important to make sure that window tracks are properly greased to maintain smooth operation.

  1. Monitor your window fit

During the installation process, our window experts will make sure each window is measured and custom fit for your home. However, all windows have an expected lifespan and you can expect repairs or replacement over time. The older the home, the less likely that its original windows fit as perfectly as they did when installed. Daily usage, fluctuating temperatures, and exposure to Michigan’s harsh weather will impact the window’s performance and fit over time. Reach out to the window experts at Homezone for a free window assessment.

  1. Lake homeowners be cautious

Homes located near bodies of water are prone to moisture, humidity, mold, and wind / water damage. If your home is closer to the shore, you will likely experience more changes to your windows than the average homeowner. You may have to perform more regular checkups to prevent severe issues. Consult our window experts for extra protection against Michigan weather like storm windows, weatherstripping, and shutters.

Windows Designed for Michigan Homeowners

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