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Are the windows in your Michigan home drafty, damaged, or outdated? Based in Grand Blanc, Homezone Windows is a top-rated window replacement company offering products that deliver decades of reliable performance. Upgrading to our vinyl windows, especially our renowned dual-pane and triple-pane windows, offers not just enhanced aesthetics but also improved energy efficiency, resulting in tangible savings on utility bills.

Find the Perfect Replacement Window Styles for Your Home

The most popular type of residential window, double-hung windows are high performance and low-maintenance. They provide optimal ventilation and a generous viewing area. Plus, they are designed with security and energy efficiency in mind.


Open and close casement windows effortlessly with a crank handle and catch the cross breeze from any angle. This window provides versatile ventilation while adding charm and style to your home. They are designed to prevent drafts and provide ultimate indoor comfort.


Sliding windows provide maximum visibility with wide-open views and optimal ventilation. They are effortless to operate and tend to be more durable and cost-effective than other kinds of windows.


Bay and bow windows add architectural character while preserving a classic look. They allow for an abundance of natural light while providing spacious, panoramic views of the outdoors.


Picture windows bring beauty, style, and natural light while enhancing outdoor views. They don’t open, making them the most energy-efficient window style while providing top-notch home security. They are durable and practically maintenance-free.


Awning windows provide great ventilation and protection from rain. They can be placed higher up on walls, giving you the natural light and ventilation you desire without compromising your privacy.


Garden windows are perfect for kitchens because they are outfitted with a ledge for extra counter space. Garden windows are not only functional but add a unique architectural look and feel.


Our custom-manufactured hopper windows feature a single pane of glass that’s hinged at the bottom. They are ideal for basements because of their exceptional ventilation and easy maintenance.


Geometric-shaped windows are an opportunity for you to get creative and give your home a distinct personality. From the simple to the sublime, you can select the shape, size, and configuration, and we’ll bring your vision to life.


Vinyl Replacement Windows Rich With Features to Enhance Your Michigan Home

The Sunrise Vanguard windows that Homezone Windows installs are designed for superior energy performance. Featuring a warm-edge spacer system and advanced Low-E dual- and triple-pane glass options, homeowners can maintain consistent interior temperatures throughout the year and expect significantly lower monthly energy costs.

Beyond its efficiency, our vinyl replacement windows boast narrow sightlines, providing expansive views and a modern minimalist appeal. Its design is further enhanced by the premium interior trim, which is available in a variety of colors.

Benefits of Sunrise Vanguard Replacement Windows

Energy Efficient

Our replacement windows are energy efficient, cutting 40% off your energy bill and reducing your carbon footprint, all while keeping you comfortable year-round.


Our vinyl replacement windows are easy to clean and made to last. They are designed to be low-maintenance while meeting the highest standards for trouble-free care.

Increase Home Value

We offer windows to fit every budget and aesthetic taste. Windows are the lowest cost way to increase indoor comfort while beautifying and increasing the value of your home.

Window Replacement Backed by Industry-Leading Guarantees

With Homezone’s GreenGuard Guarantee, you can have peace of mind that your investment in window replacement is protected. We offer our window customers free lifetime glass breakage and screen repair.

Additionally, we conduct free yearly inspections on all Homezone installations. What’s more, our GreenGuard Protection can be transferred once to a new homeowner at no cost. We guarantee your satisfaction: If our installation is at fault for any product issues, we commit to repairing it, covering 100% of the labor costs.

Customer Reviews

Homezone Windows has maintained a sterling reputation for providing value-driven window and roof replacement solutions. See what our customers have to say.

“All in all, the entire process was a dream with HomeZone, they couldn’t have made it any easier or more pleasurable. When it come time for future projects, they will DEFINITELY get a call back.”

Judge R.

“Jay and Rob are the guys for your windows!!! Very professional, on time and got right to work. We had 13 windows installed. My kids and I were home during the work. They made sure we stayed away from certain windows they had to get out to prevent injuries. If i had any questions while they were working, They kept on working but would answer my questions. They were done a lot earlier than I expected too. 2 guys took care of 13 windows and got it done!!! They even told me a couple of our neighbors got some cards from them. All around good experience with these guys. Thank you again HomeZone, Jay and Rob!!!”

Stephanie B.

“The owner is very efficient and professional in business development . We decided going with Homezone because of his advices on the home value add. Our basement windows need replaced when someone was fixing the siding issues. He instructed the technician how to give the space in installation of the windows paralleled with the siding project. Both projects were closed perfect. We also get the new window panels for free. I strongly recommend service and products of Homezone.”

Qichao L.