What is a Roofing Square? How It Affects the Price of Your Roofing Estimate

The roof replacement process can be incredibly tedious. Especially in the research stage as you might struggle to figure out unfamiliar terms like “roofing square,” all while trying to learn exactly how much it will all cost you. The price of your roof replacement will vary depending on the contractor, but there are several factors that will give you a general idea of what to expect for your project. That way, you won’t be caught totally off guard when you see the final numbers.


This is where the roofing square comes in. A roofing square is an area of roof that measures 10 by 10 ft, making up 100 sq ft total. Calculating roofing squares is the most common way to measure a roof’s size, and it helps your contractor to determine how much material they need for your project. The larger your roof, more materials and a higher number of labor hours will be required, all of which affect the price of your roofing project.


The materials used for your roofing replacement, along with the condition of the existing roof, are major determining factors. For instance, metal shingles are more expensive than asphalt. If you’re only replacing shingles it will cost less than if all of the roofing components (decking, underlayment, vents, flashing, etc.) need to be replaced.


The design of your roof will impact the cost. A more complex design with gables and valleys requires more materials and labor time than a roof with a basic, A-line shape. Another roofing term you might hear is “cut-up,” meaning a roof with a complex construction. Likewise, features like skylights and solar panels may make the process more challenging.


Where you live will affect the roofing costs because material expenses and labor rates are different across the country. Certain states or communities may have additional requirements, like building permits or inspections, which may extend the length of the project and tack onto the final cost.

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