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HomeZone Improvements, LLC (“HomeZone”) offers a GreenGuard Protection which guaranties the quality of its labor. HomeZone is now allowing a one (1) time transfer of its GreenGuard Protection, from the initial purchaser of HomeZone’s GreenGuard Protection (the “Initial Purchaser”) to certain, eligible individual(s) that buy the Initial Purchaser’s home (the “Subsequent Home Buyer”).

If you have purchased a home from an Initial Purchaser who is currently still within the time period of their GreenGuard Protection, then you may be eligible to receive up to one (1) year of the Initial Purchaser’s GreenGuard Protection from HomeZone, at no cost to you. To become eligible to benefit from the transfer of an Initial Purchaser’s GreenGuard Protection, with HomeZone, you must register with HomeZone by clicking on the Transferable Warranty Registration link and providing the information requested by HomeZone. The ability to transfer the GreenGuard Protection is only available to individuals that timely register, with HomeZone, as the new homeowner, within 60 days of the date when they purchased the Initial Purchaser’s home. Upon successful registration with HomeZone, the Subsequent Home Buyer will be entitled to the same GreenGuard Protection that was purchased by the Initial Purchaser for either the remainder of the term of the Initial Purchaser’s GreenGuard Protection or twelve (12) months from the date when the Subsequent Home Buyer purchased the Initial Purchaser’s home, whichever is less. In no event will the GreenGuard Protection transferred to a Subsequent Home Buyer exceed 12 months’ time from the date when the Subsequent Home Buyer purchased the Initial Purchaser’s home.

The GreenGuard Protection covers labor and any materials that were attributable to HomeZone’s improper installation of those materials. In the event of a material issue not caused by HomeZone’s installation, HomeZone will also work with the owner of its GreenGuard Protection to contact the material manufacturer to see whether there is a material warranty covering the applicable materials. HomeZone may require additional documentation from a Subsequent Home Buyer before providing any services, including, but not necessarily limited to proof of ownership of the property covered by its GreenGuard Protection. The one (1) time ability to transfer HomeZone’s GreenGuard Protection is only applicable to customers of HomeZone who purchased the GreenGuard Protection and is not available to any other warranties and/or guarantees provided by HomeZone. After the GreenGuard Protection is transferred to a Subsequent Home Buyer it cannot be transferred a second time.

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