The Benefits Of Replacing Your Windows In Autumn


So you’ve noticed some issues with your windows, and have decided it’s time to replace them. When is the best time for a home window replacement? While your window project can be carried out any time of year, factors like the weather and some months being busier for window replacement companies can affect the quality of your experience. Autumn is one of the best seasons of the year to plan for a home window replacement—here’s why.

Keep Your Home Comfortable During Installation

Your windows regulate the temperature in your home. During the replacement process, your home will be temporarily exposed to the elements. Scheduling a window replacement during extreme temperatures expends more electricity and makes your home feel uncomfortable. During the transition from summer to autumn, the weather conditions are more mild, saving on energy costs and making the window replacement process more comfortable.

Weatherproof for Winter

Replacing old, drafty windows will weatherproof your home in time for winter. In climates where heating bills spike in winter, energy efficient windows can make a major difference when it comes to reducing energy costs and keeping your home warm in the winter months.

Ease of Scheduling

Spring and summer are the most popular months for a home window replacement. Window installation companies may be more busy, resulting in long wait times for you. Come autumn, there will be more availability for you to schedule your window project. Additionally, it won’t interfere with your valuable summer vacation time.

Competitive Deals

Window installation companies typically offer competitive deals during autumn as business slows. During this time of year, you can expect discounts, low-interest financing, and even longer warranties. Scheduling a window replacement for autumn can help you save on installation costs.

Michigan’s Most Trusted Window Replacement

Homezone provides durable, energy efficient windows that keep your home insulated and comfortable whatever the weather. Schedule a window replacement before autumn so your new vinyl windows will be in place in time for the holiday season! We guarantee safety, security, and efficiency for every project. Contact us for a quote.