Should You Replace All Home Windows At The Same Time?

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Replacing home windows is a major project that influences the appearance and comfort of your home. If you’re only having issues with a few windows or you’re hoping to save money, is it better to replace windows individually or all at once? Read on for the answer.

Should You Replace All Your Windows at the Same Time?

There are several good reasons to replace all your windows at the same time.

Curb Appeal

If your main goal is to boost curb appeal, a universal set of window replacements is needed to achieve the full effect. Updating every window of the face of your home completely transforms its look. You can create a consistent style with a new set of matching windows.

Window Function

If one window in particular is causing problems, do a closer inspection on the other windows to see if they need maintenance or replacement. Replacing all the windows at the same time ensures that the windows in your home operate similarly and have a uniform appearance. Window manufacturers often update or phase out older models. Spreading out the replacement process might mean that the model you used in the first phase is no longer available.

Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking to improve your home’s overall energy efficiency, changing out one window won’t make much of an impact. Achieving energy savings is more realistic if all the windows throughout the entire home are replaced. This ensures a consistent result and leaves no room drafty and uncomfortable.

Save Time and Costs

Replacing windows all at once minimizes the amount of time your home is under construction, which can become inconvenient when drawn out. It can also save you money in the long term, as the price of window products and installation labor tend to rise over time.

It is most cost effective to install at least five to ten windows at the same time. Most window replacement installers will bid a flat rate for a job, and their overhead remains the same for a full day or two hours of work. Expect to pay a total between $300 and $2,100 per window, depending on window frame material, size, and glass type.

What If You Only Need To Replace One or Two Windows?

While it’s best to avoid replacing fewer than five windows at once, there are some circumstances in which that is your only option. If you’re leaning toward a bay, bow, or special shaped window, it could be a one-off project, and matching it to other windows is less of a concern. For those without financial flexibility, it might make more sense to go ahead  and replace that one worn-out window. If you’re interested in a whole-home replacement, another option is to do it in phases, changing similarly-styled windows or windows on one level or side of the house every one to two years.

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