Your Guide To Finding The Best Home Renovation Contractors


Your home is your greatest investment. Whether you plan to keep your home for years to come, or you’re remodeling for sale, you want someone reliable and qualified for the job. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad contractors out there who perform shoddy work. So how do you find the best home renovation contractors? Here are some tips.

Ask For Recommendations

The first step in finding the best home renovation contractor is to ask friends and family for recommendations, especially those homeowners who have recently had renovations done. Read client reviews online to get an idea of what it’s like to work with the contractor. Are they responsive and communicative? How much did they charge? How fast was the job completed? Beware of contractors who don’t have basic information and resources available, such as a website, a social media page, and reviews.

Compare Portfolios

Determining the best home renovation contractors depends on what kind of work you need done. For example, someone who specializes in kitchen remodels isn’t going to be ideal for a window replacement. Check out your contractor’s portfolio of projects, which should contain photos of each space before, during, and after the remodel. This will reveal the quality of their work and how they incorporate each homeowner’s personal style.

Check For Licensing

Ask for your potential contractors’ licensing and certification. The specific licenses or certifications they have will depend on the project and where you live. Additionally, make sure that they have liability insurance and are covered by worker’s compensation. Request a copy of their insurance policies and check that they’re up to date.

Get A Bid

After a consultation, your home renovation contractor will present you with a proposal including an estimated timeline, the types of materials recommended, and the total cost of the project. Don’t simply go with the lowest bid, because that contractor might prove to be unreliable and produce low-quality work. Research the average price for your project to make sure the bid isn’t overpriced, either. Avoid contractors who try to pressure you into accepting a bid that’s only available for a limited time. This is a major red flag. The best home renovation contractors will encourage you to take as much time as you need to decide, and they’ll be courteous if you decline.

The Best Home Renovation Contractors In Michigan

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