Single Vs. Double-Hung Windows: Is There A Difference?

Single-hung window. What is a single vs double-hung windows

If you’re shopping around for new home windows, you’ll come across several different types, the most common being single vs. double-hung windows. We’ll cover the differences between the two and help you decide which one is the best option for your home.

Key Differences Between Single vs. Double-Hung Windows

1. Window Operation

The main difference between single hung vs. double hung windows is how they operate. A single-hung window has a fixed top sash and an operable bottom sash that moves vertically. On a double-hung window, both sashes are operable to allow for different levels of air flow.

2. Air Ventilation

While single-hung style windows open only at the bottom, double-hung allows you to open both the top and bottom of the window frame. Double-hung windows allow for more ventilation and maximum air circulation.

3. Window Cleaning & Maintenance

When it comes to singles vs. double-hung windows, both are relatively simple to clean and maintain on the interior. However, double-hung windows are equipped with tilt sashes that allow you to clean the exterior glass easily, which is especially useful for higher story windows.

4. Energy Efficiency

Single-hung windows offer a higher level of energy efficiency. This is because they are easier to lock securely, while double-hung windows have more moveable parts and present issues with proper sealing. However, keep in mind that not all windows are built the same. Energy efficiency ultimately comes down to quality materials, construction, and installation.

5. Safety

As long as both are installed and closed correctly, both window styles provide a high level of security and protection from intruders. Some double-hung windows may be less secure if they are not locked properly. However, they may be the safer choice for families with small children because the bottom sash can be kept closed.

6. Style

In choosing single vs. double-hung windows, each has different style options. Single-hung are available in a diverse range of sizes and shapes, and can add an authentic look to older homes. Double-hung are limited in their level of customization, but you can choose from different materials, trim, and colors.

Both window styles offer their own unique benefits to homeowners looking for a window replacement. Whichever you choose, either option is an excellent investment into the longevity and comfort of your home.

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