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Top-of-the-Line Windows & Roofing


Replacement Windows

Homezone Windows offers top-tier vinyl replacement windows, notably the HZ 200 dual and HZ 300 triple-pane windows. Tailored for Michigan homeowners, these windows enhance energy efficiency, reducing energy bills while providing optimal indoor comfort. Designed for durability and aesthetics, they're a valuable upgrade to any home.


Patio Doors

Our sliding patio doors seamlessly blend functionality with style. Crafted for Michigan's climate, they offer ease of use, increased security, and energy-saving insulation. A perfect addition to elevate both the beauty and utility of your home's entryways.


Shingle Roofing

Protect your home with our durable residential shingle roofing, sourced from the trusted manufacturer CertainTeed. Designed specifically for Michigan's varied weather, our roofs ensure maximum protection from water damage, mold, and leaks. Beyond safeguarding your interiors, they enhance your home's curb appeal and value.


Our Three Uniques

At Homezone Windows & Roofing, we’re more than just another exterior remodeling company, we strive for the utmost professionalism and we are committed to serving our community with top quality, lasting upgrades to their home. 

Our dedication to quality, expertise, and unmatched customer satisfaction sets us apart, making us the top choice for homeowners throughout Michigan. Choose us for our:

Easy Buying Process

You'll enjoy an easy and personalized remodeling experience with professionals who will take the time to help you choose the perfect products for your needs and budget.

GreenGuard Gaurantee

Our GreenGuard Guarantee ensures if our installation isn't perfect, we'll make it right. We stand by our work, covering 100% of the labor costs for any needed repairs.

Hyper Focus on Core Values

We exist to make families love coming home and employees love coming to work. Our core values ensure every project is completed to the highest standards and we strive to build a stronger community and lifelong relationships with our customers.

Customer Reviews

Homezone Windows has maintained a sterling reputation for providing value-driven window and roof replacement solutions. See what our customers have to say.

“The owner is very efficient and professional in business development . We decided going with Homezone because of his advices on the home value add. Our basement windows need replaced when someone was fixing the siding issues. He instructed the technician how to give the space in installation of the windows paralleled with the siding project. Both projects were closed perfect. We also get the new window panels for free. I strongly recommend service and products of Homezone.”

Qichao L.

“Jay and Rob are the guys for your windows!!! Very professional, on time and got right to work. We had 13 windows installed. My kids and I were home during the work. They made sure we stayed away from certain windows they had to get out to prevent injuries. If i had any questions while they were working, They kept on working but would answer my questions. They were done a lot earlier than I expected too. 2 guys took care of 13 windows and got it done!!! They even told me a couple of our neighbors got some cards from them. All around good experience with these guys. Thank you again HomeZone, Jay and Rob!!!”

Stephanie B.

“All in all, the entire process was a dream with HomeZone, they couldn’t have made it any easier or more pleasurable. When it come time for future projects, they will DEFINITELY get a call back.”

Judge R.

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