HomeZone Windows

HomeZone’s vinyl replacement windows are the lowest cost way to gain indoor comfort and energy savings. The energy efficiency, beauty, and care-free maintenance make HomeZone windows the ideal window for any home remodeling project. Other replacement windows lack the thermal performance and maintenance free features that are built into our windows. HomeZone’s vinyl product line will help you save money in energy costs
and deliver the quality window that you demand.

HomeZone vinyl products are available in an array of colors, styles and designs and allow you to customize your windows to match the interior and exterior of your home.  HomeZone also offers a range of vinyl patio doors that improve the look and energy efficiency of your home.

HomeZone has windows that meet every budget. Even the most economical windows in our portfolio contain the features most requested by homeowners. With our value based line up we offer up to an R-4 thermal value. You will be more than satisfied with their aesthetic appeal, maintenance and worry free comfort, and energy performance.

HomeZone windows can also offer incredible thermal performance at a reasonable price. HomeZone high efficiency windows offer up to an R-7 in value. Their energy efficiency, beauty and workable design make these windows one of the top vinyl windows in the market today Today’s good quality, dual-pane commercial or residential windows are typically R-1 to R-3 click on the chart below to compare HomeZone windows to our
brand name competitors.

Our Windows can be 200% to 400% more efficient than other Energy Star rated windows, depending upon glass.

Slash up to 40% off Your Energy Bills 
If you spend $300 a month on heating and cooling (a relatively modest sum in today’s energy economy) that’s $3,600 a year and $36,000 in a decade.

Installing HomeZone Windows that cut 40% off that figure would save you $14,400 over the next decade while dramatically reducing your personal carbon footprint.

Put the Chill on Global Warming 
If everyone in America installed high-efficiency windows and took other steps to reduced home and business energy consumption by just 10% — a goal that’s often within relatively easy reach for most homes and businesses — the positive environmental impact would be incredible.

Not only would people save hundreds of millions in energy costs, they would collectively slash environmentally damaging greenhouse gas emissions.

HomeZone Windows are finely crafted vinyl replacement windows that will increase the beauty and value of your home. Each individually constructed window has special features that provide the ultimate in strength, durability, comfort and trouble free operation. Backed by HomeZones exclusive GreenGuard Protection, our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can be confident our windows are proven to save your money by significantly lowering
your heating and cooling cost!

• Up to R-6.7 full-frame windows
(exceeds Energy Star®)
• 98.5% UV protection to reduce fading
• Lower energy bills
• Reduced condensation
• Qualifies for $1500 tax credit*
• Increased comfort with less draft in winter and
reduced solar heat in the summer
• Fusion welded frame and sashes for superior strength
• Internal chambers of frame & sash filled w/ insulating foam
• Maintenance free vinyl surfaces
• Elegant beveled exterior for superior curb side appeal
• Six-degree welded sloped sill for optimal water runoff
• Heavy duty extruded aluminum screen frame with fiberglass
screen mesh
• Dual weather sealed to prevent air and water infiltration
across the meeting rail