Wall Insulation for Homes in Flint, Lansing, Saginaw, Rochester Hills & Beyond

Wall InsulationAt Homezone Improvements, the high performance wall insulation that we offer is designed to help homeowners drastically cut down on their monthly heating and cooling costs and help make the entire home more comfortable year round.  Our wall insulation can be installed quickly and cleanly by our highly trained and experienced professionals, allowing you to begin to enjoy the thermal performance offered by your new cellulose insulation in less time than you might have expected.

The benefit to our cellulose wall insulation is that it is manufactured from recycled paper that is extremely eco-friendly. What’s more, where traditional fiberglass insulation is made from an average of 35 percent recycled glass, cellulose wall insulation is manufactured from a minimum average of 75 percent recycled material. Plus, unlike the itchy attic insulation that you may be familiar with, this insulation has no adverse health effects, is non-toxic, and easy to handle.

Another notable advantage to cellulose wall insulation is that it is actually more effective in the winter months, when temperatures dip below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike traditional blown-in insulation, which tends to be susceptible to air circulation and natural convection, cellulose has better resistance to air flow and limits the upward movement of air that is caused as heat naturally rises.

In addition to our wall insulation, we also proudly offer:

If you are looking for a safe, practical means of improving the energy efficiency of your home, turn to the professionals at Homezone Improvements. We will gladly visit your home and walk you through the installation process to help ensure that you are extremely well-versed on the benefits to this highly advanced product. Contact us today to learn more about all of the services that we offer in Lansing, Grand Blanc, Flint, and the surrounding community. We offer a variety of financing options for qualified homeowners, which helps us accommodate nearly any budget.