Walk in Showers for Homes in Flint, MI & Other Area Locations

Walk in Showers - Flint MIAt Homezone Improvements, the walk in showers that we offer in Flint, MI, are second to none. These gorgeous showers are designed to look great, be extremely durable, and help improve the safety of the bathroom, making them a compelling addition to bathrooms of all kinds. If you are looking for a sensible way to immediately upgrade the look and practicality of your bathroom, our walk in showers are great investments.

The advantage to walk in showers is that they don’t have a threshold to worry about. Too often, people slip and fall when they’re trying to take a shower, because they have to climb over top of a tall bathtub wall. In addition to the alarming risk of falling or slipping, many people find that they don’t even use their tubs all that often, anyway. By investing in one of our walk in showers, you can remove this needless hazard and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’ll have easy access to your shower.

Our walk in showers are perfect for people of all ages and health, including:

  • Those who struggle with limited mobility
  • Individuals who rely on a wheelchair
  • Elderly family members who wish to retain their bathing independence
  • People rehabbing from a recent injury or surgery
  • Anyone who is concerned with ensuring a safe bathing experience

Furthermore, our showers can be outfitted with a seated base, providing you with a comfortable place to sit in the shower, whether you are unable to stand or just want a spot to easily shave. Regardless of your specific requirements, one of our walk in showers is a great option for your home in Flint, Michigan – or anywhere else in the surrounding area. To learn more about our product line and hear about the many benefits to our other bathroom remodeling services, contact us today. We’ll gladly schedule a consultation at your convenience.