Gorgeous Siding Options for Your Home in Lansing, Michigan

Siding - LansingIn order to find the perfect siding for your Lansing, Michigan, home, it pays to do research into your options and work with a home improvement specialist that you can trust. You want siding that not only looks great but also comes with the practical benefits that you deserve, and one great way to ensure that you are making a safe investment is to bring your business to Homezone Improvements. We specialize in installing a wide variety of sidings and will happily work with you to dramatically upgrade the curbside appeal of your home.

Here are two of the most popular types of siding that we specialize in installing:

  • Vinyl siding – Our vinyl siding is available in a tremendous variety of colors, allowing you to select an option that best complements the exterior or your home. What’s more, our vinyl siding is manufactured using a direct transfer system from real cedar boards, which gives it a natural wood grain finish. However, unlike wood, vinyl is extremely resilient and designed to never fade, chip, rot, or crack, making it a great option in Michigan where our winters, in particular, can take their toll on building materials.
  • Cultured stone – Stone siding is extremely popular for northern homes, but one of the issues with working natural stone is that it is extremely difficult to install. As you can imagine, stone is tremendously heavy, which limits where it can normally be installed. However, at Homezone we offer a compelling alternative in the form of our cultured stone siding. This stone veneer is cast from natural stone molds that give a distinct stone look but without many of the limitations. Plus, since cultured stone is much lighter than natural stone, you can install it in all sorts of places, such as non-loading bearing walls and chimneys, and it is a more affordable option.

Many homeowners even choose to install both types of siding on their Lansing home, because stone can beautifully complement vinyl. To learn more about all of your options, contact us today and schedule a consultation.