Shower Liners Available in Flint, Lansing & Throughout Central Michigan

Shower Liners - Flint MIAt Homezone Improvements, we proudly specialize in installing shower liners in bathrooms throughout Flint, Lansing, and other area locations. Our liners are manufactured by BCI® Acrylic Bath Systems and are unique in that they are made from the thickest acrylic material on the market. This means our shower liners are extremely durable and designed to continue to look great for the years to come. If you are looking for a practical way to upgrade the look and feel of any bathroom in your home, our shower liners are a great investment.

At Homezone Improvements, each shower liner that we install is custom-molded to fit over top of the existing shower. The advantage to this is the liner conceals any stains, cracks, or outdated color patterns without having to replace the entire shower. Many homeowners take advantage of this service when they’re interested in redecorating the bathroom, for example, and their shower no longer matches the new color pattern. Plus, since our shower liners are custom made, you can choose from among many different:

  • Styles of shower base – We have many different sizes and styles to choose from depending on your specific needs and wants.
  • Wall surround colors and styles – Choose from among many different color schemes and patterns to ensure your new shower looks great.
  • Accessories – Our shower liners can be outfitted with the accessories you want, such as soap dishes, towel racks, grab rails, and more.

What’s more, our shower liners come backed by a lifetime warranty, which speaks to our confidence in the quality of these exceptional acrylic products.

If you are interested in learning more about the many advantages to our shower liners, contact us today and speak with one of our bathroom remodeling experts. Homezone Improvements is pleased to install new bathtubs, showers, and liner products in Flint, Lansing, and other local central Michigan communities.