Need a Roofing Contractor in Fenton, MI? Look No Further Than Homezone Improvements

Roofing Contractor Fenton MIA roofing contractor should be a trusted professional who does the job right, because you depend on the roof of your Fenton, Michigan home to protect your family and possessions from the harsh weather we experience here. At Homezone Improvements, we know how to install a roof that can withstand the most extreme weather conditions, year after year, and still look like new.

When you hire Homezone as your roofing contractor, you can be assured that your roof will last for many years and will meet the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. One of the most important factors to consider when installing a roof is ventilation, which we take very seriously. Some Fenton residents have hired a roofing contractor who took short cuts to install their roof the quickest way, but not the correct way. This can cause the manufacturer’s warranty to be voided, and should you find your roof is warping or leaking later on, the cost of the repairs could be on you and not the manufacturer or inferior roofing contractor.

When a roofing contractor like Homezone installs a properly ventilated roof, you will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Prevention of ice under shingles. Due to the severe weather in Fenton, ice and snow can build up on your roof and eventually work its way under the shingles. Ventilation allows the heat from your home to melt the snow on the roof.
  • Lower energy bills. In the summer, ventilation allows warm air to escape from the non-air conditioned attic. Otherwise this warm air would permeate into your home, causing your air conditioner to work harder.
  • Elimination of moisture build up. Without ventilation, the moisture under the shingles can sit for long periods of time, causing metal building materials to rust, wood materials to rot, and can eventually lead to the growth of mold.

It is clear from the issues above that a good roofing contractor will do more than just lay shingles, but install your roof with adequate ventilation to prevent problems that can shorten the life of your roof. Your roofing contractor from Homezone Improvements goes even further, as we pride ourselves on customer service. We will take the time to listen to you during our consultation with you, arrive on time to do the job, and leave our job sites clean when we are done. If your Fenton, MI, home is in need of a new roof, contact us today to schedule a consultation.