Replacement Windows for Lansing Homes

Replacement Windows - LansingYou won’t find replacement windows in Lansing that are better equipped to meet your energy efficiency needs than you will at Homezone Improvements. In fact, our windows offer some of the lowest air infiltration ratings and highest R-value that you’ll find on the market today. So, what sets our replacement windows apart from the competition? The answer has to do with the technology featured in the window.

For starters, our windows our ENERGY STAR® -rated, but this doesn’t really speak to their thermal performance because they vastly outperform the national standards outlined in this program. For instance, our budget line of replacement windows offers an R-4 thermal value, while our most efficient windows come with an unbelievable R-6 value or higher. By comparison, many leading “energy-efficient” windows come with only an R-2 or R-3 value.

Here are a few examples of the built-in features that our replacement windows offer:

  • An insulated multi-chambered frame
  • Fusion-welded frames that are extremely strong and durable
  • Tripe-seal weather-stripping to limit moisture and air from entering and exiting the house
  • A tilt-in design that makes cleaning the outside of your windows extremely easy
  • Recessed locks that prevent tampering and are extremely secure
  • And much more

While this may sound complicated, what you really need to know is that our replacement home windows are specifically designed for optimal thermal performance. When heat has the ability to enter the home in the summer and escape when it’s cold out, it drives up energy costs, makes it difficult to keep the temperature of the home comfortable, and can even wear out your central climate control system. However, by investing in the right kind of replacement windows you can rest assured that you are taking a stand against needless residential energy waste.

To learn more about the replacement windows we offer in Lansing, contact us today and schedule a consultation. We also specialize in home siding, insulation, and more.