Efficient New Windows Available in Lansing, MI

New Windows Lansing MIThere are few things that can improve the energy efficiency of a home in Lansing, Michigan, quite like new windows. Yet, with so many options on the market, where do you turn when the time has come to replace the windows on your home? You’ll find the answer at Homezone Improvements. Our team specializes in installing new windows that combine beauty with functionality, ensuring that they’ll not only look great but also deliver the energy efficiency performance that you should expect from your investment. Window technology is rapidly expanding, and as homeowners across the state become more and more interested in conserving energy, the popularity of our state-of-the-art windows has skyrocketed.

In many homes, old, leaky windows represent one of the most common areas where heat transfer occurs. When warm air is able to seep into the home in the summer and heated air is able to escape in the winter, it makes it extremely difficult for your home’s HVAC unit to regulate the temperature of the house. As a result, the climate control system tends to have to work harder and more frequently, which subsequently drives up energy costs. Plus, this additional burden can sometimes shorten the lifespan of the unit altogether. By investing in top-quality new windows, however, you can take a stand against needless energy waste.

To help ensure that our new windows are as thermally resistant as possible, they come standard with many integral features, such as:

  • Industry-leading triple weather sealing to prevent leaks
  • UltraCore® polyurethane window frame insulation
  • Frames that feature 12-point fusion welding
  • A unique multi-chambered design
  • And more

All told, the new windows that we offer in Lansing, MI, are among the most effective on the market and are sure to meet your exact needs. Plus, they’re available in a variety of styles and colors to complement the look and feel of your home. To learn more, contact us today.