Home Insulation Options for Homeowners in Lansing, Michigan

Home Insulation - LansingInstalling the right kind of home insulation in your Lansing, MI, home is absolutely essential if you are concerned with optimizing the energy efficiency of your house. All too often, heat is allowed to enter and exit the home freely throughout the year, which not only makes it difficult to keep the temperature of the home comfortable, it also drives up heating and cooling costs to untenable heights. Yet, with the proper home insulation from Homezone Improvements in place, you can take the necessary steps toward reducing needless energy waste.

At Homezone, we offer cellulose insulation, in part, because it is particularly well suited to help prevent heat loss during the long winter months that we have in Michigan. Our home insulation resists air flow and helps to prevent upward movement of heat that can occur when the home is warmer than the attic. This temperature difference can place a tremendous burden on the home’s HVAC unit, which has to work even harder to not only keep the home at a consistent temperature but the attic as well. Over time, this can shorten the lifespan of the system, lead to more frequent and expensive repairs, and make energy bills fluctuate wildly depending on the weather outdoors.

This style of attic insulation is also an excellent option because it is:

  • Made entirely of recycled paper, which makes it an eco-friendly option because it prevents fiberglass insulation from eventually ending up in the landfill
  • More energy efficient than traditional fiberglass insulation, is free of formaldehyde, asthma-inducing fibers, and other chemicals, and requires little to no maintenance or upkeep

If you are looking to improve the insulation in your home in Lansing, MI, turn to the experts at Homezone Improvements. We’ll be glad to explain the specific benefits to our insulation and walk you through the installation timeline and process to ensure that you are completely comfortable with every aspect of the project. Contact us today to learn more.