Gutters & Gutter Protection Products for Homes in and Around Flint, Lansing, Saginaw & Beyond

GuttersAs any Michigan homeowner knows, having reliable, durable gutters is extremely important. When gutters become cracked or clogged, potentially severe damage caused by home flooding can occur, which is why it is vital to have properly working gutters that displace water and prevent overflowing all year long. At Homezone Improvements, we’ve seen firsthand how destructive it can be to have insufficient gutters on your home, which is why we’re extremely pleased to offer a variety of quality gutter and gutter protection products for our customers to consider for their homes.

One of the most popular home remodeling products that we offer is Gutter Warrior™, by PlyGem. This type of gutter is unique in that it is a continuous hanging system boasts unmatched strength and reliability. The Gutter Warrior™ product, for example, can hold a snow and ice load of up to 858 pounds and can drain 29.7 inches of water per hour.

These gutters also:

  • Boast a rollback design that prevents overflowing
  • Fastens inside the gutter, which provides additional strength
  • Has a continuous rear fold that seals the entire length of the gutter to the exterior of the home
  • Prevents clogging by keeping debris and leaves out of the gutter
  • Reduces the likelihood for pest infestation
  • Comes with a limited 50-year transferrable warranty and a 10-year no clog/no overflow warranty

Alternatively, we also offer Leaf Relief, a gutter protection product that has a unique design, which allows water to flow freely in the gutter, while ensuring that yard waste and other debris will be blown away with a normal breeze.

To learn more about the specific advantages of our gutters and gutter protection products, contact us today and schedule a consultation with one of our representatives. We’ll happily explain your options and are pleased to offer affordable financing to qualified customers. We also specialize in replacement windows, siding, attic insulation, and a variety of other home remodeling products.