Gutter Protection for Homes in Flint, Fenton, Davison, Lansing & Other Surrounding Communities

Gutter ProtectionInvesting in gutter protection for your home in Flint, Lansing, Saginaw, or anywhere else in the surrounding area makes good sense. After all, as any homeowner knows, the gutters on Michigan homes have a tendency to get filled with leaves, yard waste, and other debris as the seasons change. However, by installing the Leaf Relief system that we offer at Homezone Improvements, you can rest assured that your gutters will help prevent ice dams, overflowing gutters, and other problems that can have a significant impact on the home.

A nice selling feature of the gutter protection system that we offer at Homezone Improvements is that it can be installed on top of the existing gutters on your home by our experienced technicians. This is important because since Leaf Relief mounts directly on the gutters, you don’t have to worry about the warranty of your roof being voided by disturbing shingles or nailing into the roofing. Once in place, the gutter protection helps drain up to 29.7 inches of water per hour, which is particularly impressive when you consider that the most rainfall ever recorded in an hour was approximately 12 inches.

Leaf Relief also:

  • Prevents damage from ice dams
  • Is resistant to pests, including squirrels, bugs, raccoons, and birds
  • Extremely low maintenance and doesn’t need routine cleaning
  • Is backed by a 10-year no clog no overflow warranty
  • Is virtually invisible from the street
  • Withstands winds up to 110 miles per hour

If you are interested in learning more about how our gutter protection system may benefit your home, contact Homezone Improvements today and schedule a free consultation. We also offer wall insulation, replacement windows, vinyl siding, and a variety of other high quality home remodeling products.