Energy Efficient Windows from Homezone Improvements Are a Smart Investment for Michigan Homeowners

Energy Efficient Windows MichiganEnergy efficient windows have improved greatly in recent years, which is good news for Michigan homeowners. Homezone Improvements not only carries top-of-the-line windows equipped with the latest features to bolster their energy efficiency, but also knows that properly installed windows will provide the most energy conservation and protection for your home, by eliminating leaks and drafts.

Homezone Improvements’ energy efficient windows don’t just meet the minimum requirements to receive the ENERGY STAR® rating, but they actually exceed them. By insulating your home, the cold air is kept out in the winter and the hot air is kept out in the summer, so you and your family feel more comfortable in your home. This insulation also means our windows can help you even out fluctuating energy bills during those times of extreme temperatures we can experience in Michigan.

The features built in to our windows that maximize their energy efficiency include:

  • 12-point fusion welded frames
  • UltraCore® polyurethane window frame insulation
  • Triple weather-strip barriers
  • Thermally resistant window glass
  • And more

The energy efficient windows installed by Homezone Improvements are such high quality, they are the same type of windows recently chosen for installation on the Empire State Building. It is estimated that these windows are so energy efficient they will save the city enough fuel to power on average 17,500 homes per year. When you hire Homezone Improvements, you can have the same incredibly energy efficient windows installed in your home here in Michigan, and also enjoy a potential savings on your electric bill. To learn more about having windows of the utmost energy efficiency installed at your home, call Homezone Improvements today.