Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Homeowners in Lansing, MI

Bathroom Remodel Ideas Michigan

If you are in need of bathroom remodel ideas for your Lansing, Michigan, area home, turn to the experts at Homezone Improvements. Whether you have a shower that has cracked tile and loose grout, an outdated bathtub that you wish were a modern shower stall, or concerns about accessibility and being able to bathe safety, Homezone Improvements has a solution to these and other problems.

When you turn to Homezone Improvements for bathroom remodel ideas, you can be sure that we will have a wide variety of options to show you, making it easy to achieve a new bath space that matches your personal aesthetic and complements the décor of your home in Lansing. Not only do we have numerous products to choose from, but each product also has multiple options for color and style, allowing for hundreds of possible combinations to create the bathroom of your dreams, such as:

  • Bathtub liners in different shades, and with multiple tub skirt styles.
  • Wall surrounds that come in solid colors, patterns such as granite or stone, and multiple simulated tile styles such as subway, diamond, and windmill.
  • Walk-in showers with many features to choose from, allowing those with disabilities to safely enter and exit the shower stall

In addition to looking beautiful, the bath products installed by Homezone Improvements are made to last, because they are made of thick acrylic that is able to resist chipping, fading, cracking, and staining for decades, and also come backed with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

To discuss more bathroom remodel ideas for the bathroom of your Lansing, MI, home, contact Homezone Improvements today.