A Bathroom Remodel Project by Homezone Improvements Can Drastically Improve the Functionality of Bathroom Spaces for Flint, MI Homeowners

Bath Remodel Flint MIA bathroom remodel from Homezone Improvements can be an excellent way for Flint, Michigan, area homeowners to get more enjoyment and use out of their bathrooms. It could be that you have an old bathtub that is dated, stained, or cracked and peeling and you would like it to look new again. Or perhaps you have a shower that has loose tile and grout. Maybe you bought your home with a tub, but never take baths and wish you had a modern shower stall. Homezone Improvements solves any of these problems through our professional bathroom remodel projects for Flint area homeowners.

No matter what type of bathroom remodel you are looking for, Homezone Improvements will complete it using products that are second to none. Every one of our shower and bath liners is custom made for each customer’s bathroom, and is made of the thickest acrylic on the market. Our wall surrounds complete the look with options such as stone finishes, solid colors, or stylish patterns, and are also made out of the same high-quality acrylic. This means that a bathroom remodel job installed by Homezone Improvements will not only look beautiful and new for years, but it will also be extremely easy to clean due to our acrylic being nonporous and therefore resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Some of the bathroom remodel projects offered by Homezone Improvements that you can choose from include:

  • Tub to shower conversion
  • Walk in shower
  • Shower liner with wall surround
  • Tub liner with your choice of skirt design
  • Fixtures and faucets

In addition to these many options for remodeling your bathroom, we can also install numerous accessories that add convenience to your bath or shower, such as grab bars, shower caddies, towel racks, and recessed soap dishes. To learn more about the many ways a bathroom remodel can breathe new life into your bathroom, call Homezone Improvements today and see why so many residents in the Flint, MI, area have chosen us to remodel their bathrooms.